© CIIT Solutions (Pvt) Ltd 2017 SAP Controlling (CO) Certification & Training Goals implement overhead management (Actual Postings and periodic closing activities) perform cost center planning perform product cost planning implement cost object controlling Audience Consultants responsible for implementing Management Accounting Prerequisites Essential Knowledge of Management Accounting (Controlling) concepts TFIN20 contains: E-Learnings TERP01 – Intro to SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver, TERP20 SAP Financial and SAP Management Accounting Basics to be completed before starting the training course TFIN20 Course based on software release SAP ERP Central Component 6.0 Enhancement Package 6 Content Organization Units and Master Data of Overhead Cost Management (Cost Elements, Cost Centers, Activity Types, Statistical Key Figures, Internal Orders) Debiting Cost Centers and Internal Orders Validation, Substitution, Reposting, Direct Activity Allocation Periodic Postings of Overhead Management (Periodic Reposting, Distribution, Allocation, Settlement, Overhead Rates) Planning of Costs, Activities and Prices Cost Estimates with and without Quantity Structure Scenario of Cost Object Controlling with Preliminary Costing, Simultaneous Costing and Periodic Closing Activities Notes TFIN20 is based on a system with active new general ledger. This classroom training also covers functions of the following releases: R/3 4.6, R/3 Enterprise Ext. 1.10/2.00, SAP ERP Central Component 5.0 To ensure that you retain the knowledge gained in this course and successfully complete the certification examination at the end of the course, we recommend that you consolidate the content in your own time after the course.