© CIIT Solutions (Pvt) Ltd 2017 About Us CIIT Solutions is a leading specialist education and career services provider for selected  professional communities in Asia. CIIT Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is formally known as of Lithan Genovate,  formed in Sri Lanka in 2005.    CIIT Solutions is the authorized SAP Education partner in Sri Lanka for SAP training and has been  in the business for over eleven years. CIIT Solutions is offering the entire range of SAP programs -  refresher and full time academy courses as well as SAP consulting services. It programs are  conducted by certified SAP trainers with extensive practical experience in user environments and  have had remarkable success rates. CIIT Solutions offers the programs for both the corporate  sector as well as individual consultants who wish to acquire the prestigious SAP certification.    Improving the employability quotient for a better career prospect! "Knowledge Academy'" from SAP Education. Academy - VLC Academy - ILT E- Academy Certifications